Term 4:

This week we have been looking at writing Mystery Stories. Livvy and I wrote one about a girl who is murdered and her best friend has to find out who the murderer was. Will the murderer ever be convicted? I really enjoyed working with Livvy, 2 minds are greater then 1 :)
Below is our story.

Untitled from Rosie Isaacs on Vimeo.

We have also been doing a large amount of Poetry. Below is my Cinquain Poem:

We have also been looking at Haiku Poems:

So far during term 4, we have looked at different types of Poetry. We studied a ballad poem about a man named Ben Hall, who was an outlaw. His friend helps him while Ben is on the run, but then, a reward of 1000 pounds will be given to anyone who catches Ben Hall, dead or alive. Ben's friend then becomes a traitor. He kills Ben then takes the money. This poem was very sad to read, and because of the amazing metaphors; similes and describing words, we had to read the poem through a few times to understand. I thought this poem was very interesting, yet a bit too long.

Below is a Wanted poster about Ben Hall:

Term 3:

Response Writing:
The first writing activity we did in Term 3 was a response to an article about the Titanic. A piece of Response Writing is about your response to reading the article or book you read. It may also include an overview on what the article was about. We had to write our responses in pairs. I went with my friend Livvy. Below is our response:

Exposition Writing
We had an assessment on Exposition Writing. Our Exposition topic was "We should (the people in our age group) be allowed to stay at home at the age of 12 -13 years". An Exposition is similar to a debate. You must have a statement to argue against or for. Whichever side of the statement you decide to fight for, you must include at least 3 different arguments about it in your exposition. Below is my Exposition:

Procedure Writing
A procedure is a formal instruction instructing someone to do something, or how to do something. Below is my procedure on organising a family holiday at the beach.

Term 2:
Previously this term, we have looked at writing reports and expositions.
Below is my report and exposition.



This term we have yet again done the Mystery writer activity. Scroll down to see how it works.
My story is below:

My group's story is below:

Term 1

We have done many writing tests at so far. This one is my recount on swimming sports this year. The one below it is about me first learning to jump on a horse.

4 Picture Stories:
We had to write a fiction story around 4 pictures given. Here is mine:

My four picture story:

After that, our teacher selected a mystery writer in which we had to authour to make it better. This is the one the mystery writer liked best. It's by Ella, Joseph and P.J.

This is my groups version for the Mystery Writer activity. Sadly, Lachie didn't like ours best, but that doesn't really matter because I think Ella, Joseph and P.J did an awesome job. Anyway, here is our story, comment on which one you think YOU like best!

We also looked at rewriting Fairytales. Below is mine and Ella's Fractured Fairytale: