For our What's The Plan Stan Topic on Disasters and what to do in one, a Civil Defence worker came and talked to us about what Civil Defence workers do. We learnt what to do after a disaster, ie: an earthquake. We also learnt a Radio Signal that signifies different things.
We were all given a booklet to take home and fill out so we know our family's escape route and the things we put in our survival kit.

Also, today Mr H, one of the Fire Officers from our town came to talk to us about what to do in the event of a fire and also about what The Fire Service do.
The following are just some of the things the Fire Service are involved in:
- Putting out Fires
- Saving animals such as horses, cows etc from mud etc.
- Getting cats down from trees
- Educating people on Fire Safety and knowledge.
We learnt that it is very important that you have a smoke alarm in your house - and that it is working - as in your sleep, you cannot smell. So if there was a fire while you were asleep, you would hopefully be able to hear the smoke alarm.