This term, we have had two topics. Us, Now and in the Future, and, because of the Rugby World Cup, we have also been looking at the Rugby World Cup. We all had to put together a mini inquiry on a different aspect of the Rugby World Cup. I decided to do mine on traditions within the Rugby World Cup. These are the following traditions:
- The Capping Ceremony
- The Coin
- The Gil Evan's Whistle
- The Web Ellis Cup

I then researched these objects in detail and made a presentation to present to my peers.


This term's Topic is Us, Now and in the Future. This unit of work focuses on our Past and Future of us and our country and town.
Instead of placing all my work on this page, I have put together a Google Site to place all my work. Click here to access it.
I decided to do my Us, Now and in the Future Inquiry on how the roles of Horses have changed over the years. Go onto my google site to access it.
In my inquiry, I looked at:
- Horses and Carriages
- The roles of Horses through forestry and logging.
- The roles of Horses in communities
- The roles of Horses nowadays.