Our topic is now Our Living World where we focus on what the impact from people is on Our World.
On the 7th of July, we presented Our Living World Inquiry's. I did mine on The Waikato River pollution. I found this all extremely interesting, and I was very pleased with my score of 5P, as I put a lot of effort into it. It is below:
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Below is a Venn Diagram stating what different natural things occur on our plant, the man made and things that are both.

This Term's Topic is 'What's The Plan Stan?' We will learn about different disasters, how they are caused and how to react if they ever occurred. So far, we have each made a fact sheet about a Natural Disaster that has occurred.I did the Tangiwai Railway Disaster:

Below is wordle for all the words my group could think of to do with floods:


Mr M, a teacher from the United States skyped us so he could teach us about the Mississippi River Flood. I learnt a lot, he knew a lot of information! :)
Below is my Mississippi River Flood Fact Sheet I created.