Our topic this term is called My World and I. It includes 3 different subjects: Digital Learning, My world and Puberty.
We have done some work on Digital Learning already. We learn about keeping ourselves safe on the computer, good and bad things about learning digitally and more.


We have pretty much finished our unit of Puberty, well, the physical changes anyway! I don't think I need to say much more! We are now putting together presentations about some of the things we don't know about puberty. My question is: What are concerns of students going through puberty? I am going to interview some of my classmates to find out what their concerns are, but they are going to remain anonymous in my inquiry!


We have also had a small session on Drugs and Alcohol but there is still more to come. We learnt about what happens when we take drugs and smoke, how to avoid it and lots more. Seeing as though I am going to college next year, I found the ways of dealing with people who try to get you to take drugs very interesting. When we go to college, my friends and decided we would stick together to avoid drugs and smoking.
This part of our topic was all about how to keep safe on the internet. We learnt about Cyber Bullying and how to deal with an also about the responsibilities we take on while learning on the internet.


For this part of our topic, we completed mini inquiries on a peer we didn't know very well. I did mine of Holly. I used a site called Mixbook to present it and I got a good mark on it.