In Term 4, there are always TONNES of assessments - Reading, Maths, Spelling etc.
So, this is the page where I will be putting all my scores from these assessments.

Reading EasTTLe Test:
When we completed this test in June, I scored a 5B. However for the end of year test, I got a 6B! This means I am achieving at Year 10 level. I am so stoked, and I am really proud of myself.
By the looks of my tests results, I think my improvements were skimming and scamming and looking at different language used in different types of writing.
Below are my Reading Test Results:
GAP Anaylisis Test:
This test focuses on spelling (prefixes; apostrophes etc), grammar and proof reading. This test is out of 100. Last year I got about 90, at the start of this year I scored 97, the middle of the year 98 and the end this year I got 99! How ironic! I think I was definitely capable of scoring 100, however, I put an apostrophe in the wrong place (such a silly little mistake!) which cost me a mark. I am still really pleased with my score though! I think concentrating harder and taking my time has really improved my test scores over the year.

Maths EasTTLe Test:
We have just completed our end of year overall Maths EasTTLe Test. By the end of the year, my goal was to score a 4A as during the middle of the year, I scored a 3A. I was very disappointed in myself when I scored a 3A in June, as I knew I could of done WAY better. So, for the rest of the year up until now, I have been working really hard at my maths by practising every night after school and getting Mum and Dad to help me out. Because I was so determined to improve, I'm happy to say that I fulfilled my maths goal and achieved a 4A which is just above average for my age, and I right where I should and want to be! I am so happy with myself - all the hard work and practice really payed off! :)

Multiplication and Division Post Test:
After this unit of work, we completed a Post Test. The Pre-Test I got one wrong - but I was really pleased with my score even so. However, the Post Test, I got the same score. It was annoying though, because the one I got wrong was silly little mistake! Never mind. I'm happy because the one that I got wrong last time was one I got right this time. We hadn't even covered how to work those type of sums out and I still got it. I'm very pleased.

Basic Facts Ladder Test:
This maths tests is pretty much just a HUGE test on your basic facts knowledge. It includes multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, decimals, factors etc. There are all together 8 stages of achievements for this test. The highest stage is Stage 8. My goal was to move up from Stage 7, to Stage 8. I practiced very frequently, and achieved my goal! I am very proud of myself as i really struggled with the questions in Stage 8. When I practiced a bit harder though, I found I already knew all that stuff, I just didn't realise it!

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with my achievements this term! I was so stoked with my reading and spelling, and very proud of myself about the maths. This has shown me that if you just work hard, and if you are really determined, you will achieve your goals, but you have to really want to do it, otherwise there absolutely NO point. Or so I have found! :)