Term 4
For Term 4, our main unit of Maths work has been Multiplication and Division. Check out my Term 4 assessments page to see how the Post Test went.
Overall, the unit of work was pretty good. I learnt a reasonable amount, and my mum helped with quite a lot at home.

Term 3

It is now Term 3, we are looking at Percentages, Decimals and Fractions. We practice on Mathletics every morning as well as regular sessions with Mrs S. We have completed many different pre-tests and maths challenges. I have been continuing to practice my maths at home too.

These are the following things we have covered this term:
- Decimals
- Percentages
- Fractions
- Measurement
- Scales, Charts and Timestable.

We have also devised maths goals. Please check out my Goals page to access my Maths Goals.

Currently, I am pleased with my maths achievements. Below is my current Gold Bar Status on Mathletics (ie. How many tasks I have completed and achieved well at.)


Term 2:

For Maths during term two we covered Algebra. Although I didn't get a very good score in the Algebra Pre-test (3A), I was still pleased with my progress in Algebra. The Algebra Post-test I scored the same as the Pre-test (3A) but my weaknesses were far lower, so I was pleased with that :)

We also covered the Ladder Test that we do three times a year. This covers basic facts (Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, Addition etc) as well as decimals and square roots. There is also a section on Fractions. I devised a goal for the end of the year. This goal was to be at Stage 8 (the highest stage in the Ladder Test) and I am working towards that goal.

Term 1:

For maths we are on the Mathletics site every morning. We are focusing on Place value.
Mathletics is a maths site that helps you reach your goals in maths. I think it is a very good site and I enjoy using it. I also use it at home too which means I improve.

Because it is the start of the year, we have had many tests. My teacher says that the years 8's have to be at the highest stages (stage 7 and 8) by the end of the year. The basic facts ladder test showed I am at stage 7 which I am pleased with. My goal is to be at stage 8 by the end of the year.
We have also been introduced to site call Study Ladder which I am finding is really useful.

We are now looking at Statistics. Please feel free to vote on which career you are most interested in so I can make a graph!

Maths Webquest:

The Mutts maths group are now doing a maths webquest. It is designed to extend our maths knowledge and add a bit of variety into our maths.
This particular webquest is very interesting. Read further to find out about it!

Scenario: You are new to the area and have just bought a supermarket. You are aware that you live in a rural area and you are wondering what things you will need to purchase to sell in your supermarket. You are also unsure of what prices you will sell your items at and whether you will have a large supermarket aimed at Farmers coming into town to shop monthly, or for people buying bits and bobs at any time. You are also considering whether you need to include personal products like soaps and toothbrushes in you supermarket.

Task: Your task is to work out what you are going to sell to your customers, what prices you will include and what type of customers you are going to aim at. Interview neighbours, your parents, classmates and friends to find out what you will sell in your supermarket. Find out what people usually buy the most, how often they grocery shop and you may even like to include how much they usually spend. Put together a survey for people too. Remember, you will need to be mathematical about this webquest, use different strategies and most importantly...HAVE FUN!

So far...
Liam and I have decided that we want to focus on our customers being able to buy in bulk as we live in a rural area and a large majority of supermarket customers are farmers who tend to buy in bulk as they only come into town every now and then. We also want to be able to provide personal products as well as the usual products you can purchase at supermarkets. If you have heard of the supermarket Moore Wilsons you will know that they sell in bulk. We are going to base our supermarket on Moore Wilsons. At the moment we are looking at whether to we need to sell meat, but it's a 50 - 50 call as lots of people will process their own meat or purchase meat at the butcher.
We have conducted a survey for the people in our class to find out about their grocery shopping habits. At the moment, we have found that a lot of people buy food at Pak 'n' Save because of the low price. We are both extremely surprised in the fact that a LOT of people buy their meat at Pak 'n' Save because it is a cheaper option. The thing that most intrigued us about people buying their meat at Pak 'n' Save is that all of the people we interviewed either live on farms or in rural areas, so you'd think they would have their own home kill or be fussy enough about the quality of their meat, like most New Zealanders, to go to a butcher. We are thinking that we may have a butcher in our supermarket so the meat and goods is great quality but at easier access for customers.