We have just got back from Makahika School Camp - WOW! What an amazing time we all had :) The instructors, supervisor's, teachers and parents were great - patient and helpful, so a HUGE thanks to them.

On the first day, we did an orienteering course where in boy-girl partners, we had to follow maps and get to different destinations, ticking each one off at a time, I went with Caleb. This was quite challenging as we had only just arrived at Makahika, so we had no idea where anything was, but we still had fun and Caleb and I got one of the fastest times :-) Although it was pouring with rain and everyone was CAKED in mud, everyone still had an awesome time.
We were then split into two groups, this was when we did the the Low Ropes and Problem Solving Activities. The Low Ropes were WAY easier than I thought, and I turned out to be surprisingly good at them. The Problem solving activities went well, although it was quite hard to co-ordinate different people, as some people liked to take charge, and others stood back a bit.

We then did the Flying Fox which was WICKED (I SO want one in my back yard!) Then it was the High Ropes. I found climbing up a 16 foot high, slippery log (with harnesses obviously) and walking across a very terrifying, non-enjoyable experience.

The second day, we got up early and did a 6 hour bush hike. The main focus of this was to learn about bush safety. We also got the chance to be the leader of our groups, with walkie talkies and unattractive orange fluro vests (!)
Some people found this hike challenging, but I didn't really at all, except for the slipperiness of the mud and stuff. I think the hike was definitely a HIKE as opposed to a tramp/walk as we had to clamber up hills, pulling ourselves up with trees. We also had to cross streams and go safely down steep, muddy hills. We then continued to walk until we got to a camp site that had been all set up for us by a river. This little camp site was AWESOME with a little hut and camp fires. We spent our late afternoon building fires (failing if you were in my group) and just hanging, eating dinner, setting up our beds and just chilling! When it got dark enough, the boys went up to the quarry to play rugby and us girls chatted around the camp fire with Sally, the owner of Makahika. Then we went and saw Glow Worms!

The next day, everyone got up pretty late as we were all tired after the day before. However, once we were all up, we cleaned up the camp site and walked back to the Lodge, which only took and hour or so as we took a different path! :) We learnt river crossings and we had to go through quite deep water - it was ULTIMATE! We had to link arms so we were one huge person going through the river.

Overall, this camp was utterly AMAZING! I did a lot of things I didn't think I would ever do! How many people can see themselves walking across slippery beams 20 ft or more in the air?? Not many I expect.
I think I could of been more daring on this Camp if you know what I mean. I also think that although not really one of those people who like to take complete charge, I should of taken more notice of other people and their ideas instead of assuming those who were speaking up were right. I would like to pursue Flying Foxing as a career if at all possible!! :)

Makahika Camp 2011 from Olivia Sinnema on Vimeo.

Makahika Camp:

This year, the Year 8's will be travelling to Levin to the M
akahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre. We will be staying for 2 nights, one in cabins and the next in tents in the bush. The aim of this camp is to boost our confidence, learn leadership skills, co-operation and lots more :)

What I would like to get out of this camp mainly is Confidence. Although I am pretty confident, I know that doing the high ropes, flying foxes and obstacle courses will really challenge me! I would like to walk away from Makahika Camp feeling like I have the confidence to do anything, even if it scares me.
I also hope that I will become skilled in the art of co-operation. I'm good at co-operating with people that are similar to me, yet when I work with kids that are different (shy, stubborn etc) I find it pretty challenging! A lot of the activities (well, most) we will be working in Teams, so I will get a large opportunity to practice my co-operation with others.

Altogether I cannot wait for Camp (it's this week!!) and I am thoroughly looking forward to the challenges and fun it will bring! :)