Every two years, the Life Education Bus comes to our school, also known as 'The Harold Bus' as there is a giraffe called Harold that "helps us learn". The reasonably large bus is a mobile classroom, and this year, Charlotte from Life Education came with the bus to teach our school. The junior levels learnt about Keeping Healthy and We Are Unique. The seniors (Thats me) learnt about Drugs, Alcohol and Puberty.

We had 3, 90 minute sessions ranging over a week. We learnt about different types of drugs, the effects they all have and lots more.

Puberty goes for about 7 years, during these 7 years, apart from the physical changes, the brain is making lots of connections as we change and learn. Taking drugs can effect these connections, causing long term memory and short term memory loss. We watched a movie about real people in New Zealand who were effected by drugs, many people were dead, or plain mad.
I didn't realise how bigger effect drugs had on people, I just knew they weren't at all good. Learning about Drugs has really helped me to understand how terrible they are.
Drugs are completely addicting, many people who take them can't get away from it. People often take different drugs to make themeselves feel happy or a bit of a "buzz". They then get addicted and are drugs frequently just to keep normal as the graph below presents:

We also learnt about the effects of drugs and alcohol and how to deal with people if they offer us drugs.

I really think the unit of work was extremely worthwhile, I felt some of it was quite frightening but I know the information I have now will pay a big part in my later life.

I think that the main reason we undertook this unit of work was so that we were knowledgeable enough to look after ourselves and understand how important it is not to take drugs, especially as we are get to an age where we will be moving on to college where drugs and alcohol will be available.