For the past few months (During the end of Term 2, and the start of Term 3) Kauri Syndicate (Year 7 and 8 students) put together a performance to showcase what we can do, our talents and how we learn into an evening for our parents.

The different types of acts we show cased were the following:
- Students choreographed a dance to music of their choice.
- Groups of students also put together their own drama skit/act.
- One student also did 3 monologues from the movies Notting Hill, School of Rock and The Addams Family.
- Students composed a piece of their own musicon Garage band (a tool on our laptops) then they added their music to a group of photos, following a theme.
- Also, two of the best Inquiry Presentations were presented, one being on Ecosystems, the other on Waikato River Pollution.
- The School Band performed a song - 3 Litte Birds, by Bob Marley.
- An NYLD movie (National Young Leaders Day) was also presented, as well as brief explanation on what the movie is about.
- The two finalists from our school for the Annual Speech Competitions also presented their winning speeches.
- There was also the Hot Seat Activity. This was when 10 students sat in chairs on the stage and parents were entitled to ask the students questions about their Inquiry Learning, or their learning in general.

My Role:
Every student was expected to take part in at least 2 of the activities above.
I did my inquiry on The Waikato River Pollution, which I found pretty nerve wracking! But I was pleased with myself once I had finished.
I also did the NYLD Movie and my friend Livvy introduced it. I was also part of the Hot Seat Activity which was fun - although a bit hard as you had to answer quite a variety of questions.
My main part was MC (Master/Mistress of Ceremonies) with Caleb. I think we both found this quite challenging as we had a lot of lines to remember and it was quite scary as we were the ones who held the show together, but once I got over the nerves of it, I quite enjoyed standing up there with the microphone in front of a whole lot of people.

Altogether, I think this was a very challenging, yet worthwhile showcase evening. I have to admit, I was quite surprised at the outcome of our Showcase Evening, as a couple of days before the evening, it didn't look as if we were going to be done in time. But overall, I was really pleased with what we achieved, and I know that everyone put in 110% of effort, as the evening's outcome really showed that! :)