Our school is an Enviro School. This means that our school is environmentally friendly and we do many different things to stay that way, we also do various activities to help save the environment, such as recycling, worm gardens, vegetable gardens and lots more. At present, our school has a Bronze Enviroschools Medal. We are working towards the Silver Enviroschools Medal.

Below are some questions that our teacher has asked us to answer about our school.

What do you know that happens in our school for Enviro School?

For Enviro School's, our school has a crew called the Kaitiaki Crew (Commonly known as the Enviro Group), who overlook our vegetable gardens, recycling and worm farms. They also fundraise money for different Environmental projects such an orchard. They also look after our plants and trees etc.

What is your favourite place at our school?

My favourite place at our school is probably the North Field.

Why is it your favourite place?

I love the North Field as it has a great playground, good trees to climb and a big open space to run. I also like the fact that the North Creek is there, so it's good to look over the fence and look at the plants around the creek and their progress.

Because I am a Year 8: What are some memories that you treasure from being at our school?

I remember in Year 6, the craze was playing Jail Break (Like tag). Everyone in our class used to play and it was a HUGE amount of fun :) It's a memory I treasure as everyone had such fun together and everyone was included.

Another memory I treasure is probably the logs. Even though they were recently crushed due to some large australian gum trees being chopped down, my friends and I still remember the amount of fun we had on them. There were about 4 - 5 different logs that got higher and higher. We always jumped from one to the other and we had heaps of fun creating new tricks. We also taught little kids to do the logs which was awesome. Those 5 logs gave us a lot of pleasure!

What events have stayed in your mind from school?

Many different events have stayed in my mind from school. One of the main events I remember was when I was announced Head Girl, 2011.
Also, when I first started school and I had to stand up in front of the school at assembly.
Another big event was our Kiwiana Performance. In Year 6, we did a huge performance about New Zealand. It was so cool! I often replay that evening in my head because I enjoyed it so much!
I also have a clear remembering of the North Creek opening. It was fantastic seeing the Kapa Haka perform, as well as all the people that turned up celebrate the North Creek opening.