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Hey, I'm Rosie, and I live in a small town in New Zealand.
I'm 13 years old and I am in year 8 (my last year of intermediate) and I go to a primary school with all my friends. I have a fabulous teacher and can't wait for what this year will bring!
I thinks its awesome the way my syndicate has access to one to one macbooks to work on, and it's a fantastic way to learn as 90 % of our learning and work is done on our laptops!

I live on a large lifestyle block with my family, my horse Pete, dogs and guinea pigs. We have just had our house renovated, so now it's a lot bigger and I think the renovations look AWESOME!

I love living in the countryside. Before moving we used to live in a large suburb in Wellington. We have only been living rural for about four years but I love it as there is so much more space and more things to do. I also have access to many horses which I adore and I think the country is a great lifestyle!

I love hanging with my friends, horseriding, playing tennis, swimming in our pool and at the river, lollies and sherbet, but can't I can't stick spinach, brussel sprouts or mice that get into our laundry!

I hope you enjoy my wikispace! Please feel free to comment on any of my work as this is where it will be going!